End of Chapter 11

 8th Feb 2021

Plot twist! Also remember when this was a whole thing about warning the guy that he was in danger? Time flies, and so do chapters...

Anyway: I'll be taking the usual break here, for finishing script and sketches and stuff, a little longer because I was sidetracked by various things-- ennui, games, the nasty lump in my dog's mouth and the polyp in her ear and the vet visits and exams and the surgery she's going to have to get them the heck out... so i'm behind on schedule and ended up not having any side story as I'd intended. Still, I'll try my best to be back by February 22th! I'll let you know if anything changes!

(Also: don't worry about dog, she's fine. The vets were in awe of her longevity and health, polyps aside. She's a 14 year old cocker spaniel and leaps around like she's 7. Vet fees, too, are within the family budget for the time being. If that changes, I will also let you all know, very loudly.)

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