Her slightly pointed ears may reveal some measure of elven blood, but less noticeable are the Timbalan Marks upon her skin; indelible proof of her direct descent from the Kings of Ancient Timbala.

However, boasting this illustrious parentage is not enough for Paru-- she will look upon her kingdom with her two eyes, and tread upon its streets with her two feet!


Despite being a famed master weaver whose wares are in high demand, he has embarked on a pilgrimage to become a Paladin instead. His path coincides with Paru's, and so he elected to follow her adventure-- wherever that path may lead, there is sure to be work for a paladin.

He is fiercely judgemental and brokers no nonsense, but has embraced the patronage of the Dragon Mother, whose domain is Fairness.


The size and shape of his ears attest to him being one of the purest specimens of the elven stock still extant in the known world-- an ancestry highly prized and eagerly claimed, despite the elven kingdom's great crimes of the past.

A previous captive of a plantation owner, he wishes to investigate the current status of Chandrahal's ruins.


This mysterious, strangely-dressed swordswoman arrived in Extremoz on a tatty boat, without speaking a word of the local tongue. She proceeded to wander the markets and slums, confidently picking up the local parlance.

After weeks of tailing the party, she finally made herself known-- eager to join the group without invitation or explanation other than her goal: Timbala, of course!

Lord Ursulanov

This silent, shadowy guest of a petty baron is on the hunt for the Heir to the Sarenovoi Dukedom-- or rather, for one claiming to be him. His trail may be a few years cold, but he seems intent on following it regardless.

Ikke Besse

The Lord Ursulanov's manservant. With a smooth tongue and a canny mind, he represents his master in nearly all matters, easily translating his strange tongue and negotiating smoothly on his behalf.


Paru's lover. A mysterious young woman whose grace is often compared to that of a rolling mist.


Carmilla's mother. A deeply neurotic and controlling woman.