Her slightly pointed ears may reveal some measure of elven blood, but less noticeable are the Timbalan Marks upon her skin; indelible proof of her direct descent from the Kings of Ancient Timbala.

However, boasting this illustrious parentage is not enough for Paru-- she will look upon her kingdom with her two eyes, and tread upon its streets with her two feet!

Mystery Woman

Two drunken fishermen claim to have seen a mystery lady sail in from the empty horizon, her discarded boat old and of strange make. Survivor of a wreck, some thought, though none was found to have happened. A booze-sodden dream, others assumed.

As for the strangely-dressed woman wandering the markets and mumbling to herself, most assumed she was but a daft local, and the stick at her back was sure to be just that...

Mystery Moglin

Paru came across this young moglin in a market alley by the fisheries, peddling knitted samples of outstanding quality at laughable prices. Watching the skill and speed with which he produced his wares, Paru began to suspect he was the famed "Koniesh Master", whose creations were highly prized among the wealthy... but why would a famed weaver of this caliber be sitting on the ground of a harbor market, among farm animals and unwashed hobos?

Lord Ursulanov

This silent, shadowy guest of the Baron de São Gramado is on the hunt for the Heir to the Sarenovoi Dukedom-- or rather, for one claiming to be him. His trail may be a few years cold, but he seems intent on following it regardless.

Ikke Besse

The Lord Ursulanov's manservant. With a smooth tongue and a canny mind, he represents his master in nearly all matters, easily translating his strange tongue and negotiating smoothly on his behalf.