Chapter 6, page 19

 9th Mar 2020

News for March 9, 2020

I'm taking a sanity break! I know I took a week off about a month ago, but it wasn't very restful, and mostly served as a sharp reminder of the weeks of advance buffer I lost when my computer broke down last year. I've been drawing three pages per weekend for months now, and that... isn't that bad! But it can be anxiety-inducing when they're the pages I'll be posting in the very same week. I need to rebuild that breathing space, to make sure the pages I'm producing at a given weekend are scheduled far ahead and therefore not an emergency. That's a recipe for low-key baiting my anxiety and that's not a hole I'm eager to fall back into.

So the plan now is to take a month off to handle the new chapter, and hopefully draw at least most of it before resuming website updates. This entire arc is going to be a lot, with intrigue, revelations, setup, action and romance, and I'm going to need to tie everything together real tight for the future, so that's also a bunch of scripting ahead. And lastly... I must give this website a face-lift! IT IS UGLY AND BASIC AND I DISLIKE IT. Does it function as it should? It does and I'm glad. But it needs sprucing up, and that's probably going to take more focus than the scripting, let's be real.

For the sake of having a goal, let us establish April 20, 2020 as the date for this comic's glorious return. I briefly considered scheduling it for April 13, but it felt like a bad omen, for reasons; and April 6 is too soon. Until then, I will be as always uploading pages to my Patreon as they are finished-- but starting now they'll be available to all patrons regardless of tier! Since my exclusive update tier has zero patrons anyway.

See you all in April 20!

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