Chapter 12, page 15

 7th Apr 2021

Apologies for the unannounced delay! As mentioned in an earlier update, my dog has required some extra looking after, which resulted in being unable to keep up with my buffer; and then this last weekend she finally went into surgery for several lumps and polyps which may be malignant or not. I've been caring for her since.

....more like, I've been getting my ass kicked by her since. She, a dog of 14 years with cardiac insufficiency, went into surgery, came out of surgery, and chose chaos. She was so energetic, the vets told us to pick her up two hours before the expected time, and once home she elected to flaunt all post-surgery caution by zipping up and down the stairs at a speed, cone or no cone, stitches or no stitches. She ran me ragged for days and will likely keep me on my toes for the next several weeks. I may require a longer break before chapter 13...

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